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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 19, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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what we are looking at are mainly temperatures in the 40's to near 50 under clouds and a few drips in the north bay. >> not affecting the commute with dry roads at the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic is light and moving well into san francisco. moisture on the camera here at san mateo bridge but the roads look clear with no rain and a few brake lights and eastbound 580 before the bridge a flat bed tow truck has been requested. >> a big announcement in a few hours regarding a new addition to the san francisco waterfront that has the mayor and the giants saying "cheers." cornell bernard is live at pier 48. cornell? >> kristen, the project is big and bold. if you like beer brewed here in san francisco, you will love this. pier 48 across from at&t park
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will be home to the anchor browing company's second brewery in san francisco. here is a preview of what it could look like. a production facility and much more complete with restaurant and a museum. inside the 212,000 square foot building. anchor is the first tenant for the $1 billion mission rock development project calling for retail businesses, restaurants, parks, 1,000 rental housing units and parking. the brewery is excited to be part of the project. in addition to this facility, they will quadruple people their output from 120,000 to 600,000 barrels a year. that is a lot of beer. a news conference is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. this morning and the mayor announcing details of the project. we will have the rest of the details at 11:00 on midday.
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>> cornell, thank you. santa cruz police home someone will recognize the sketch of a man wanted for a campus rape that occurred in birthday broad daylight over the victim. the 21-year-old victim said he beat and assaulted her as she walked on a trail. he is described at 200-pound stocky white man in his 30's with black hair, green eyes and a mustache and goatee at 5' 10". students receive text alerts about the attack that happened on this trail between the theater and classroom buildings. >> pittsburg will add their name to a growing list of cities planning to ban medical marijuana dispensaries. the city council is expected to finalize an ordinance to do that. pittsburg's ban takes effect in 30 days. the "contra costa times" report
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city officials are concerns about secondary affects is as criminal activity. >> the hayward city council will consider an emergency ordinance aimed at shutting down so-called sweepstakes cafes, city leaders say they provide computer terminals offering sweepstake scams a form of illegal gambling , three opening in the last year. the emergency ordinance is temporary to give the city time to come up with a law banning the businesses. >> this morning an assistant chief with the highway patrol helped his son skip town to escape a rape charge. the investigators say the 20-year-old fled the united states in december three days before a jury in fresno found him guilty in a july 2011 assault. the police captured him in mexico. his father is accused of misleading investigators with a bogus missing person's report. investigators say he planted blood on the family drive to make it look like his son was an
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deducted. his mother and sister also face charges of helping him to escape. >> a family near danville will find out if they can move in their home after it was crushed by a massive oak tree. the 80' tall tree fell on the house in an exclusive community of diabolo crushing their roof. a crew has to bring in a larger crane than yesterday. the home is red tagged until they can determine if the home is stable. the family says that the 400-year-old tree made a terrible noise when it fell. >> it sounded like it was an earthquake. >> the tree we thought was healthy. we trimmed it and kept it proportion oned correctly. >> but a specialist said the roots had a disease. >> iowa's governor is coming to california to try to convince companies in this state to
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relocate. republican governor will meet with people who have an iowa presence and would not name the companies. california brown was critical of a similar effort by texas governor perry who did not make much headway initially trying to lure our companies away. >> it is almost 5:07 on tuesday morning with rain out there headed our way. the question, is it hitting the ground? >> mike nicco, what do you think? >> i am not hearing of that yet but we are seeing the moistening of the atmosphere. as the ends are coming off the ocean and scooping up a little bit more humidity with them as they do, you can see the lights and the darker green, and that is usually anywhere from sprinkles to light rain. it is undercut right now by a little patch of dry air so it will take a better part of the next hour or two before we can moisten this up and get some
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steady rain in the forecast. around 7:00 we will start to see that develop. we will have from 7:00 until about 1:00 o'clock the steady rain removed from the north bay through the south bay. we are going to have a window of three or four hours when it starts raining to keep raining in your named. when we get beyond that, this is the afternoon. we they some lighting in there and small hail, showers and thunderstorms are possible, and look at the temperatures this is as warm as it gets, upper 40's to low 50's in the lower elevation but in the mountains, our mountains, whether the santa cruz or diabolo or north bay we will have a couple of inches of snow possible this afternoon. sue? >> we come off the waldo grade and traffic is moving nicely with no fog or rain. traffic now is slowing with four lanes in the southbound direction toward san francisco. coming off 580 and 880 and 80 slowing through the maze nicely with no delays at the bay bridge
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toll plaza, a nice commute if you are traveling through berkeley and into oakland. eastbound 580 before the bridge the accident in the median waiting on a flatbed to truck and all mass transit, everyone is running full schedule and on time with no delays. >> 5:08. a major deal in the work involving two big names in the office supply business and what it could mean the next time you look for paper, pen and ink. robin roberts returning to work tomorrow bringing new attention to a blood disease making a struggle of some fans easier to
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning on this tuesday. this is san mateo bridge, traffic is moving fine toward foster city because there is no rain yet but it should hit the cities around the bay shortly and mike nicco will talk how it will affect the morning commute. >> two of the biggest names in office products are in advanced merger talks. the "wall street journal" reports office depot and office max could announce a deal. both are hurt by recession, falling sales, and online
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competition. in 1997 the federal trade commission block add similar merger between staples and office depot for being anticompetitive but officials say the economic situation now is different. >> today, microsoft releases the outlook e-mail service after six months of the preview period. it is open to the public and microsoft is spending $30 million to market it. they seek to lure members away from gmail with 60 members using and microsoft says the features include ability to send large files and becomes that automatic and fewer advertisements and the option to connect through social media sites. >> we are now a day away great robin roberts returning to "good morning america" after the grueling fight with a dangerous disease. she has been off the air since august and when she sits down she will have fans here who can identify with what she has gone through.
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>> joan became an avid viewer when "good morning america" anchor announced the new fight against a dangerous blood disease. >> when you have a bone marrow transplant you do not have an immunity system for a while and you are versus sentible to infection. >> i ran to the tv and watched what she was talking about and i could relate to what she was about to go through because i had gone through a bone marrow transplant a year and a half ago. >> they both have a disease where the bone marrow in longer makes enough healthy blood cells. a blood specialist at stanford hospital talks about this. >> 90 percent of patients have it that come by itself and 10 percent from having received chemo for another disease as robin roberts did in an early fight against cancer.
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joan's disease was building until 10 years ago hermans and feet became painful and swollen. >> they did a blood test and sent me to the shop i needed five units of blood. since this, she has been using a wheelchair and needs assistance and a caregiver but she is a tireless advocate for research into treatments and a cure. >> that means studying the bone marrow cells and when they find out the secrets of the bone marrow cells they will uncover the secrets to so many cures for other cancers. >> treatment for this disease is bone marrow transplanting. a difficulty is finding an appropriate donor which is not often possible. >> this is a rare disease that strikes 10,000 to 15,000 people a year so it does not get much attention or research money but both joan and the doctor hope that the attention robin is bringing will change all of
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that. tomorrow is a big day. robin is back on "good morning america" first thing in the morning and the official countdown is now underway coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00 you will see behind-the-scenes footage leading up to the big return. >> and her colleagues miss her and this morning we are lucky because we are going to talk live about the anticipation in her return. >> been waiting a long time for this. now a check on the weather of the. >> waited a long time for rain. >> since january 24. this is that time of system. not a big one like in december but it is something we are going to look forward to as far as needing the rain and snow. you can see rain or radar showing up over san francisco but looking outside i can tell you we are getting a few drops at the most. the rain reaching the ground and north of live doppler 7 hd to the west, in the yellow, to the
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west at cloverdale to mendocino county coast. here is a beautiful picture of the bay bridge this morning you can see the twinkling lights, what a nice sight. temperatures are running very mile right now. oakland is 51 degrees. san francisco and san jose and novato and santa cruz in the mid-to-upper 40's. you can see we have rain and and&lightning and small hail. showers is what we will have and some storms. rain and hail are the main producers of the showers. not a big wind event. check this out. we talked about snow yesterday and now we will talk about accumulation. at 8:00 in the north bay, it will move through and end up pushing out of the south bay by 5:00. when it is done it could leave from 1" for 5" from 2,000' up to the top which is around 4,200'.
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beyond this season it looks like that is it for now and we will have warmer weather rolling our way. here is a look and you can see the cold front, the colder air behind it that you need for the showers and the thunderstorms and the small hail out of this system. here we are, 7:00 this morning, you can see the more organized wet weather up along with the cold front and it is starting to move into the heart of the bay by 9:00, moving from the heart of the bay through the south bay between 9:00 and, say, 1:00 o'clock, and you can see the scatters shower and wherever you see pink and white, pink is winter mix and white is snow. when we get beyond the initial push to the evening and overnight hours our best chance of showers is out over the ocean and we will clear out tomorrow morning and temperatures will fall to frosty levels inland upper 20's to mid-30's and mid-30's to low 40's on the coast and to the bay. no flooding of any significance
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with 60's returning away from the coast on thursday, and we will have 60's away from the coast all the way through the weekend the have a great day. be safe. sue? >> so far, so good, no rain at bay bridge toll plaza, no delays, no metering lights just a nice drive into san francisco at this hour. still waiting on the flatbed tow truck to clear out the accident in the median, eastbound, 580 before the bridge and if you are driving from the central valley you are starting to see a little bit of slow traffic on the east side of the altamont pass moving eye war over to livermore and it picks up with no delays to 580 or 680 at dublin. >> it is 5:19. you will have to carry some more cash if you are headed on a cruise. bloomberg business report is coming up. >> and a big battle as a basketball star tries out for
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nba. >> today "katie" we have a top recording artist and the reason he is heres he is virges the -- surprising the man with the golden ear whose has brought so many hits we love the he discovered whitney houston and a year later he will share personal stories about her career. plus, another startling revelation, and we go behind-the-scenes at his behind-the-scenes at his exclusive hollywood party this is $100,000. behind-the-scenes at his exclusive hollywood party we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally.
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>> former notre dame line becomer does not think the online hoax will affect his chance of being recruited for the nfl but will face questions with the scouts in indianapolis and shut down the twitter account and tells "usa today" he is not sure if he will ever use social media again. he acknowledged falling in love with a nonexistent woman invented by another nonwho insists the heisman trophy runner-up was not aware that the online relationship was a hoax. >> kate middleton is showing off her baby bump. here it is. looking at video you can hardly see the bump but it is there and causing quite a stir. the duchess making her first official public appearance of the year at the hope house in london. the baby is not due until july. coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00, a look at how her maternity fashion compares
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to princess diana's maternity fashions have change add lot in the last 20 years. >> it is day one in court for macy's and martha stewart's company. now the business report. >> if you are setting sail on royal caribbean cruise ship it has been customary to tip the housekeeping staff on board and starting in march they will automatically charge most passengers $12 a day for a tip. and martha stewart is being sued by macy's to get it to cut ties with jc penney saying they have an exclusive right to sell her items including bed and cookware. now you can look at barbie's dream house, the doll with it all is inviting fans to play house in a larger than life interacting experience. you can buy tickets to step in her world as it opens next month with two locations, one in germany and one in florida which will have more than 350 barbie
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dolls and other collectibles on display. that is the business report. >> there are reports there was rain early in the north bay around petaluma but don't know what is happening there now but mike knows. the window is just new starting to really open up into your later commute. mike? >> what we have is basically sprinkles and you can see one of those sprinkles on top of sausalito and crossing the golden gate bridge and down to san francisco so it could be slick. these are sprinkles at best so make the ground a little bit wet but no pond on the roadways from these, just the scout showers we talked about. the big picture you can see where the bulk of the wet weather is to our north and it is still moving toward the east than to the south so we still have an hour or two, probably 7:00 before we start to get really organized steady wet weather in the north bay. as we head throughout the day you can see it move from the
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north bay and slide down to big sir and look at the snow developing in the sierra, you already need chains up there if you are headed that way and you are going do get a foot or 1.5' of snow. >> we have chain requirements now from donner lake to kingville. roads are open but there are chain requirements. golden gate bridge shows it is wet across the golden gate bridge. no delays as you come into san francisco on the golden gate bridge. san rafael has no problems as the tail lights headed southbound toward central san rafael and beyond the civic center and a little bit of slowing now out of antioch as you make your way westbound on highway four and it picks up from pittsburg to concord.
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>> worse than the soup nazi a restaurant in japan is fining customers if they do not finish all of their signature desk known for a dish of salmon roe piled sky-high on a bed of rice and working conditions for fishermen so so dangerous the restaurant sees it as a sign of appreciation if all the dish is eaten and that means every grain of rice, too. customer whose do not finish the dish must give a donation. >> my, my, my. winter weather returning to the bay area, with live doppler 7 hd tracking the approaching storm just ahead with mike nicco. >> blade runner is back do court, and a new courtroom outburst from oscar pistorius, the confession he made before a judge, and the new development in the last
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning at 5:29. hope you had a great long weekend if you had one and now, get ready for rain. >> we will end our dry spell. mike nicco, our meteorologist, will tell us more about that. >> live doppler 7 hd shows light rain over san francisco. scattered light rain. that is moving to the east. watch out if you live in alameda and toward oakland. we have light rain. we have scattered light rain in the north bay and we will have that through the morning. scattered light showers. our best chance will be from 8:00 until 1:00 o'clock when the organized area moves through so scattered showers re-develop with small hail and lightning.
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>> back to the bay bridge where this is no rain yet and light traffic moving toward the metering lights which are off at this hour on the incline section and in the san francisco it is a nice drive. the san mateo bridge has moisture on the lens but i don't think it is rain and the roads look dry with a few brake lights moving to the high-rise and to foster city. still a tow truck on the scene clearing the accident 580 eastbound before the bridge with traffic getting by without delay. kristen and eric. >> new developments from south africa at the oscar pistorius bail hearing. the prosecution says the olympic track star committed premeditated murder in killingly model girlfriend. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. >> the hearing is over for today. the prosecutor asked for postponement and the judge said proceedings will resume tomorrow. they heard statements from friends of both oscar pistorius
5:30 am
and reeva steenkamp all saying the two had a loving relationship. this is a picture of the couple on february 7 which was just a week before the valentine's day killing. the most compelling statement comes from oscar pistorius himself, in it he said he shot her by mistake thinking she was a robber and full vulnerable because he did not have on his legs when he shot her or fired four times into the locked bathroom door. when he realized she was not in bed he said "it filled me with horror and filled" and he put on the legs and tried to kick down the door and bashed it in with a bat and he found her inside. a female friend is coming to the defense of oscar pistorius saying he could never have killed her on purpose. >> never seen him show angry side or lose his temper. it is just, he is incredibly kind and gentle human being is the way i know him.
5:31 am
>> the prosecution is calling the shooting premeditated murder and they say oscar pistorius put on the legs and walked 20' to the bathroom and opened fire. a south africa newspaper says that the cricket bat was covered in blood. her body was cremated. judge had to stop the hearing several times this morning and order oscar pistorius to compose himself as he sobbed uncontrollably. this morning we are lending he had applied for six gun licenses last month. >> thank you, katie. cal basketball coach montgomery will hold the regular weekly news conference but there willing nothing "regular." the topic will be his shoving a blair at a became over the weekend. now, state senator leland yee is calling to his suspension and he has been reprimanded for pushing a player in a win over usc, and
5:32 am
yee is an alumnus and calling on the university to suspend him. >> to allow a history professor to push a student as a "learning" lesson. this could be a basketball game, this is sometime part of the instructional program of the uc system. >> the kids, sometimes, i think do not realize how hard it is to win. >> that was comments after the game and he has apologized so far, cal has not commented on a possible suspension. >> students are warned of a rain that occurred on a trail in the middle of santa cruz campus near the theater and classroom buildings and students received text warnings from the police after a 21-year-old woman was beaten and raped if broad daylight. >> what makes this feel
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different is it happened in the middle of the day. it involved the victim not knowing the assailant. >> another violent attack occurs off campus on monday and a santa cruz senior was problemmed and shot while waiting at the bus stop on the natural bridge drive. >> man suspected of killing three people in a botched drug deal in sonoma county is awaiting extradition to the bay area to face charges. police arrested the 46-year-old last thursday during a traffic stop in mobile, alabama, and investigators say he was involved in the february 5 shooting of three men near forestville and the victims had intended to buy a large quanity of marijuana. investigators say he lives in colorado and sonoma county sheriff have been there for the last week collecting evidence. >> caltrain service is back to normal after a man was killed in palo alto. a union pacific freight train
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was running when it struck the man at the churchhill avenue crossing at 9:30. two caltrains were delayed for an hour and move today a single track. >> a livermore mother who served time in prison for having sex with underage boys is back in jail. the 44-year-old was sentenced to five years in prison in 2010 and called "hummer mum" for the s.u.v. she used for sexual encounters and arrested friday in hayward for parole violations. authorities have not said what she did to get arrested. she is now held in the santa rita bill with no option for bill. >> san francisco and the giants are set to unveil plans for a major re-development project south of at&t park. the plans focus on pier 48 which stands next to at&t park's main parking lot. anchor brewing will build a restaurant and museum along with a new production and distribution facility. the project will quadruple
5:35 am
anchor brewing output from 120,000 to 600,000 barrels of beer a year. cornell bernard will have more on the impact of the project coming up in the next half hour. >> snow operators expect up to 1.5' of snow this week with skiers spending the holiday weekend in the mountains and cruised along on 12 feet of snow that fell in december freshened by layers of man made snow and the conditions are "firm" without significant amount of new snow for weeks. that is expected to change, however, going into this weekend. >> last year going into ski week it was very, very brutal and little snow and nothing throughout. this year, it is great, right in the middle of ski week they get a fresh round. mike? >> already they have chain requirements and winter is back. it is back on live doppler 7 hd. we have light rain moving
5:36 am
through berkeley, alameda, richmond, oakland, that area stretching across the bay bridge into san francisco and close to south san francisco maybe stopping a little bit short of that area. you can see as you cross richmond and san rafael bridge a little sprinkle there and one moving across the bay will head over to vallejo and possibly martinez over the next 15 to 20 minutes you could get a shower. we had showers earlier on 101 but now it is clear. more are moving in around bodega bay headed to the east. this is out ahead of the bain -- main batch that will move in at 7:00 and sweep across the bay through 1:00 o'clock. light, scattered showers for the morning commute and then it will be steady and we will have scattered showers this afternoon. with the colder air, that is when we could get lightning and possibility of small hail and the snow will also develop to
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around 2,000'. beyond that we have chilled sunshine, and mid-to-upper fists and mid-50's at the coast with low 60's elsewhere and it will be dry. >> we have at the golden gate bridge, rain. it is wet. traffic is night. it is light. no problems. there are slick road conditions. the rain is coming through in the bay area. golden gate bridge is expensing, now, the rain. >> we have a stalled big rig southbound 680 at san ramon blocking right lane of traffic. eastbound 580 before the bridge an accident in the median with a tow truck on the scene. south 101 from novato and 85 southbound toward san jose and carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze and east shore commute. >> coming up, a peninsula city playing ketchup -- catch up with
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the rest of the county. >> a charred minivan is the only evidence left after a spectacular $50 million diamond heist
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, a live look at the macarthur maze and how traffic is moving. dry pavement but rain is coming to the bay area. >> a daring heist overnight from belgium. police are looking for eight men would made off with a staggering $50 million in diamonds. it happened at the brussels international airport. police say the masked men cut a hole in the security fence, drove on to the tarmac and stole the precious gems from the hold of a swiss-bound plane. police found the torched van not too far from the airport. they are combing over it for clues into the heist. >> the coast guard has released the initial findings in to the cause of the fire that crippled the carnival cruise ship that started with a leak in the fuel-oil return line connected
5:42 am
to a generator. power was knocked out to the entire ship and 4,000 passengers and crew were stranded in the gulf of mexico with no air conditioning or working plumbing for five days until they were towed to alabama on thursday night. >> the winners of the academy awards will be announced on sunday but some lucky fans have gotten the best seats, the bleacher seats on the oscar red carpet getting you up close and personal with the biggest stars with most of the 700 tickets awared to fan during a lottery system and 20,000 movie fans entered the contest. >> could not believe it, i have never won anything in my life. >> if i get a kiss from george clooney i am not sharing it with anyone. >> i wouldn't, either. you can win bleacher tickets next year when the entry opens up again in the fall. the oscars are a few days away and we are the only place to watch the academy awards on sunday, you can countdown to the
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big night with our official oscars app, the back stage pass gives you best access with more than a dozen cameras streaming video behind the scenes and from the red carpet and is available for inno one, ipad, android, and the kindle fire. >> cannot imagine what it felt like but a stunt driver pulled off the first back flip in a car. take a look. this is the heart-stopping moment as a champion rally driver peoples the incredible 360-degree back flip. the driver raced toward the 25' ramp if a specially the mini cooper at 37 miles per hour. he soared 75' in the air and flipped the car a full 360 degrees backwards which makes him a braver man than me. >> is it really will that difficult? you have the ramp angle, and you are going 37 miles per hour
5:44 am
precisely. no problem! >> have you ever gone 37 miles per hour in your life? >> well...yes! >> good morning, everyone, right to what is going on with storm watch. we have light showers developing around the bay area. those are what we called scout showers yesterday. zooming down to show you what is going on, pulling away from san francisco across the bay bridge you can see pulling away from candlestick point to berkeley and alameda and albany, and this is all going to head to the east right along 24 so watch out, concord, walnut creek, lafayette , orinda, danville, all this light rain is headed right toward the san ramon valley. get ready in 15 to 20 minutes you will be wet. you can see the light rain still
5:45 am
falling at the toll plaza. toward the east, towards the berkeley hills, you have rain falling with temperatures in the low-to-mid 40's from santa rosa and napa and gilroy. now, what will happen in the forecast cycle. there are light showers now, but heavier steady showers will develop from 7:00 until 1:00 o'clock from north to south across the bay and we will have scattered showers and thunderstorms with more rain and small hail during the afternoon. during 9 entire time the snow level will be dropping down to 2,000', and 1" i calmlation possible and 5" are possible on mount hamilton from 8:00 to 5:00 today. then a slow warming trend. this is the only game in town bringing winter back in the forecast. you can see the cold air is a reason why we are only in the
5:46 am
upper 40's to low 50's today. by 7:00 the more organized steady rain is developing along the front in the north bay and light-to-moderate rain 9:00 to 10:00 in the north by with initial lighter rain starting to move in the south bay. you will get your heavy rain right around the lunch hour and you can see it starting to pull on out headed toward 2:00 with scattered showers in the afternoon and the best chance during the overnight hours is over the ocean. we will wake up tomorrow to a clear sky and frost in our inland vietnams, upper 20 to mid-30's there and the rest of us in the mid-30's to low 40's. beyond today's rain and thunderstorms, look at the 50's and 60's and dry weather the rest of the forecast. have a great day. >> we were attempting to show you 80 in tahoe as soon as mike wrapped up the camera want back so i will tell you there is a chain requirement between donner lake and both directions of 80
5:47 am
eastbound and westbound through tahoe area but the roads are clear. that is in advance of the storm that is coming. this accident southbound 680 now off to the right shoulder. this was a stalled big rig and now they say possible accident involved this. a new accident with a stall southbound 13 the ramp partly blocking to eastbound 580 and finally in castro valley the usually accident cleared from the median. >> 5:49, the san rafael city council will vote on whether to enter a program to help homeless find work and rebuild their lives. the report is that $272,000 contract is with the downtown streets team, palo alto-based nonprofit, and council members say they are paid to pick up liter and help keep city blocks clean. a team of 12 people would work 20 hours a week to beautify downtown san rafael. >> redwood city has a plan
5:48 am
possibly to ban plastic bags at the downtown library on middlefield roads and will vote on march 11 whether to require shoppers to use re-usable bags or pay 10 cents for paper bags. the ban would take effect on earth day april 25th. most cities in san mateo county have a similar ban in place. >> ahead, hillary clinton is ready to go pack to work, the new job that is coming with plenty of pay. a briefing from president obama is expected today plus your chance to hear him talk about issues important to the bay area . >> the first lady reveals what she is doing to deal with a life
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>> good tuesday morning, 5:52. we are on the storm watch. a look at at&t park you can see the sprinkles have begun with light puddling. mike will tell us when the heavy rain will move in the bay area. >> president obama is holding a white house event this morning to call on congress to avert automatic budget cuts taking in effect in 10 days. the $85 billion in across-the-board cuts takes place march 1 with possible furlough by april and state and local government could lose funding and the president is pushing for a blend of spending cuts and new taxes and
5:52 am
republicans argue new taxes should not be included. >> this morning, abc7 news anchor will travel to washington, dc, for an interview with president obama and will talk with the president at the white house tomorrow. the live reports from washington, dc, begin this evening, at 5:00 here on abc7 news. hillary clinton is about do go on the speaking circuit and hired the agency that handles her husband to represent her in lining up speaking engagements and will earn well in the six figures for each speech. former president clinton has made $89 million in speaking fees since he left office a dozen years ago. >> now a look at bay bridge upper deck you can see it is starting to glisten with sprinkles and rain here. >> mike? >> we will look at live doppler 7 hd and start with the rain right around south san francisco
5:53 am
pulling away from daly city but through the san bruno gap it is getting wet and forbes boulevard and sfo getting wet right now, so possibility with delays. to the north you can see across the border in mendocino county we have more organized showers and heavier rain and you can see the snow that is coming. as we look at the forecast today, no matter where you are traveling, we should probably have rain and mountain snow and 1' to 1.5' today in the sierra. >> we have chain requirements on 50 and 80. it is wet at the bay bridge toll plaza. a slight delay for cash-paying folks. no metering lights. you could find delays on the upper deck into san francisco with the rain. when it is light you must have your headlights on if you are
5:54 am
using your windshield wipers? northbound 880, a new accident is reported in the right lane and a stall southbound 680 which is a big rig in the right lane. kristen and eric? >> nissan plans to open a research center in silicon valley to develop self driving cars. google has been testing the technology for years in the bay area and nissan will move the current resources from japan to sunnyvale five miles from google headquarters and the c.e.o. believes self driving cars will not be feasible in the united states until 2020 because of regulation, and legal and technological hurdles. >> the horse meat food scandal centered in britain and ireland is growing and nestle is removing beef's that meals from shelfs in italy and spain after traitses of horse d.n.a. were found. they are stopping sale of frozen meat to catering businesses in france. nestles say the contaminated beach was applied by a german
5:55 am
company and has been found across europe in a meat mislabeling scandal. >> a study finds women do worse than men after hip replacement surgery. kaiser permanente researchers in southern california looked at 35,000 cases and found women have a higher risk of implant failure because of dislocation. it doesn't matter what type of device was implanted. women are more likely to need a second surgery. they restore mobility and relieve pain related to arthritis or injuries. >> next at 6:00, $1 billion project that means new jobs, new restaurants and new life at the waterfront of san francisco. we have a major announcement expected today. >> taking at look at live doppler 7 hd we have sprinkles and mike nicco is tracking the storm to tell you when to expect the heaviest rain to fall. >> the single cup coffee machines could be convenient but the cost adds up quickly.
5:56 am
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♪ and it's beautiful >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, at 5:59. a wet start to the morning. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. live doppler 7 hd tells the story. mike? >> we have live doppler 7 hd showing skyline boulevard from oakland, foothill boulevard, 24 back to lafayette, walnut creek, all that area, getting light rain right now. this is all headed to walnut creek. it is headed toward danville, too. storms have left most of the sonoma and napa area but as you go back to petaluma you can see we have a little bit of wet
5:59 am
weather at old adobe and over to this area we have wet weather. so, today, during the morning hours at least right now for the next hour to hour and a half, we will have scattered light showers picking up in intensity as we head to the 8:00 to 10:00 hour in the north bay and they will slide south. we will be left with scattered showers in the afternoon hours with small hail and snow level down to 2,000 feet. sue? >> the san mateo bridge we have first reports of a stall westbound on the high-rise blocking a lane of traffic so you can begin to see brake lights halfway across the flat section of the span headed westbound and bridge crews trying to get the stall out of there so it doesn't ruin the san mateo bridge commute and we will follow that for you. to hayward, north 880, that is an accident in the right lane southbound 680 there is a
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